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What do I do with my clothes!

I am a trainer, a consultant, a marketing person - all rolled into one. And before that I was a training manager, a communication coach, a painting instructor. My ex-boss always wanted us to "walk the floor" and "be seen"... Continue Reading →

Double Rainbow

She had loved him But she chose someone else Walked the aisle to someone else   He knew she loved him before she left him She never said it to him But it was written all over her face She... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my Child – 9

After having said "I love you" to me, her dad, her granny - several times and for more than a year, one day - Her: Mumma, what does "love you" mean? Me: (gaping and trying to recover) Baby, you have... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 8

Her: Mumma, did you have a baby bump when I was in your tummy? Me: Yes, baby. Her: Show me how big, with your hands. (I oblige) Her: Did Papa take any pictures of you, then? Me: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (No,... Continue Reading →

Are you happy?

"Are you happy?", Pete asked. The question threw him off guard. He start thinking if he was happy, indeed. He couldn't think of anything that should make him unhappy. He had a beautiful daughter, a pretty wife who understood him... Continue Reading →


He lost his breath when he saw her first - how could anyone be so perfect He lost his mind when she looked at him - she was all that he saw HeΒ  lost sense of time when she sat... Continue Reading →

Life is…right now!

I don't want to polish my silverware and keep it for some day I don't want to save the best China for some day I don't want to save the best recipe for the day when someone comes over I... Continue Reading →


Your love is a treasure I guard - in the ruins of my heart.

Memoirs for my child – 7

My 4 yr old, her dad, granny, aunt and cousin are in Florida, Universal Studios. I'm not with them as I'm travelling. I travel a lot and needless to say, the girl misses me. And there is a wishing well.... Continue Reading →

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