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Some Days (Some Nights)

There are some days, and some nights When I want to lay my head on your chest My ear against the rhythm of your heart My heart beating steady with yours. Some days and some nights I want to fall... Continue Reading →

Not a Death Wish

When people around you do these things, they are not making a death wish. They are being sensible, so cut out the drama and support them - Writing a will - It makes all the sense in the world to... Continue Reading →

In Love With The Moon

No Henna colored palmsNo carefully done faceNo fine clothes or jewelsNo, I don't pray to the MoonI know just one Moon that I worship and loveSo all I send you today is my love, my love All I send you... Continue Reading →

$0me Things That You Know and $0me Things That You Don’t

You don't know me yet And there's only so much time So here are some things that you know And some things that you don't. I could be a morning person or I could stay up all night I could... Continue Reading →

Someone Else

She stared blankly into life Someone else's life Living in someone else's dream house Cooking someone else's favorite food Stone cold heart in someone else's arms Looking pretty for someone else's eyes Walking tall to match someone else's stride Loving... Continue Reading →

If You..

If you could give me some years from your life I'd wake you up with a smile I'd sweep away the hair from your forehead I'd smoothen away your brow and kiss your eyes I'd hold your hand while you... Continue Reading →

I wonder

I wonder what's my name in your phone book I wonder what my name sounds like on your lips I wonder if you can see the love on my face I wonder if you can see the worship in my... Continue Reading →

This Time

This time .... Your embrace was spontaneous, Your hug a little bit warmer. Your kisses were deeper Your gaze held mine longer. Your touch was more tender, Your heart seemed fonder. Your gestures showed care, Your sharing made me wonder.... Continue Reading →

I seek you

I seek you in the pictures, that I have of you But I cannot touch the curve of your lip I seek you in the music that I heard with you But the words don't mean anything now I seek... Continue Reading →

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