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Memoirs for my child 4

I took up a post graduate course when mu daughter was two. It has taken away a lot of time from her and in a sombre moment I said " Baby I'm sorry, I've taken away so much of your... Continue Reading →

Some Birthday Wishes

- From my brother: The world would have been a different place without you. I can't say better or worse. - From a friend: We all aspire to become like you one day. You are simply awesome. - From another... Continue Reading →

I hope you will understand!

I don't know if this is an apology or an attempt to understand all that happened, by putting the pieces together. We made a decision to have you. I don't know if I was prepared to have you. All I... Continue Reading →

Half Measures

He is warmth, and she the blazing sun He is a drop, and she an ocean He is a spark, and she all fire He is a feeling, and she is a turmoil He is a gaze, and her eyes... Continue Reading →

My childhood home

This sums up how I felt after visiting the house that I grew up in.   The walls that you jumped off don't remain so high, the trees that you climbed - not so tall. The gate that you couldn't... Continue Reading →


A part of my heart I leave behind A part of my heart already racing ahead Some pieces here, some pieces there I know not where I want to be I know not what I want to do So I... Continue Reading →

What chance do I have

His eyes a molten hazel, His gaze a storm in my insides His lips sweet wine His caress warm sunshine His hair all salt and pepper What chance do I have not to be ripped apart Every time I set... Continue Reading →

When you walked with me

In my heart, I always wanted to walk in snow Without any purpose Without knowing the direction But it took you to coax me, my little child To just do it today I don't know if you walked with me... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Almost Don't give up, the dawn is giving way to morning The night is almost over The sun has almost risen.   The page has almost turned You are almost around the corner You are almost there..... Continue Reading →

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