Four years after you were first handed to me
I’m a different person
A little less anxious
A little less angry
A little more patient

Four years after you were first handed to me
I think a little more, to keep up with you
So that I can tell you how plants sleep upright
Where do the birds’ legs go when they sleep
Why clouds fall down when we are in a flight

Four years after we first saw you,
Our lives are full of questions
Our lives are full of pleas for chocolate and toys
But mostly, our lives our full of sunshine

You scare us being the individual you are
A little more strong-headed than both of us put together
You make us happy being the person you are
Full of joy and full of love, and most importantly full of sunshine

Our life is all sunflowers and sunshine, when you are around.

Even the skies are more pink than blue, reminding us off the blessing you are!