The first heart-break

"But I want to play with her!" said she. "Alright sweetheart, then go on. Play with her". I said. "No, I want to play only with Sam. She cannot play with other kids while I'm playing with her", said our... Continue Reading →


When the sun has set

Will you stand by me when the sun has set Will you sit by my side when I can walk no longer Will I be beautiful when the flowers have wilted Will I be interesting when I cannot keep up... Continue Reading →

A Complete World

She was waiting for him, watching out for his handsome face in the crowd. All decked up in an ivory gown, wondering if she looked beautiful. She'd never known how he felt about her, least of all now, after so... Continue Reading →

Symphony, of our hearts

There is a symphony in our heart beats In the longing, in the yearning.. There is a symphony in the unsaid words In the pulsating rhythm of our feelings There is a symphony in the dance in my dreams In... Continue Reading →

Shine On, Burn On

...when the sun touches the waters They can not douse its fire.. It shines on, the next day It burns on, day after day ...when the clouds cloak the sun They cannot contain its fire It shines on, the next... Continue Reading →

The Fourth

Four years after you were first handed to me I'm a different person A little less anxious A little less angry A little more patient Four years after you were first handed to me I think a little more, to... Continue Reading →


He was all measured, and she all impulse He was two left feet, and she all dance He was all reason, and she all emotion He was all worldly, and she academic He was all laughter, and she all painful... Continue Reading →


When you are marooned, you find strength in those who are like you When you are in the middle of nowhere, you find strength in your reflection When the world seems too big, you connect to your roots ... but... Continue Reading →


There was a time when.. She wanted him to love her So she thought she'd dress better Just like he did She thought she'd listen to the country music Just like he did She thought she'd read about wines, so... Continue Reading →

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