He was all measured, and she all impulse He was two left feet, and she all dance He was all reason, and she all emotion He was all worldly, and she academic He was all laughter, and she all painful... Continue Reading →


When you are marooned, you find strength in those who are like you When you are in the middle of nowhere, you find strength in your reflection When the world seems too big, you connect to your roots ... but... Continue Reading →


There was a time when.. She wanted him to love her So she thought she'd dress better Just like he did She thought she'd listen to the country music Just like he did She thought she'd read about wines, so... Continue Reading →

My Child

I seek to correct you, my child Knowing that you are my reflection You have the failings that I have I seek to correct you, my child Because it's easier to direct than introspect Because it's easier to expect you... Continue Reading →

Passenger : In Your Own Life

Being a passenger in your own life, perhaps, an experience that no one wants or deserves. How far do you bend for people you love? How far do the people in your life push you? Do they have power over... Continue Reading →

My paper, my solace

The ink on the paper, is my solace I write when I cannot talk I write when there is no one to turn to I write when I cannot cry The ink on the paper is my solace.   I... Continue Reading →


When all you can see is bleak walls, Give up hope not. A door somewhere A window perhaps A crack in the stone Look for it and make a path for yourself A path so beautiful As beautiful you dream... Continue Reading →

My heart is on a loop

Loop.. There I start again I send you a text and wait for your answer You never answer but I still wait And my brain is on a loop Imagining all reasons why you wouldn't answer My chords are on... Continue Reading →

Light and Shade

She burnt with all her might With all that she had inside While he protected and brought out her best She the light, and him the shade

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