My battle with my greys

Here I am, 25 year old with a few greys at the crown. Perhaps, a little too early but heck, there are just a few. So I try henna - which is the most trusted weapon  that Indian women have... Continue Reading →


If I Knew

Why didn't you say anything, he asked. I indicated in every possible way, she said. I just stopped short of saying it. I thought you did not need me I thought you did not love me I thought I'm not... Continue Reading →

Part this, part that

A part of me is a child's mother, and the other needs my mom's lap A part of me can comfort anyone, and the other needs free hugs A part of me is old, and the other daddy's girl A... Continue Reading →

When I slept like this..

I slept like this ages ago When I hadn't a care in the world When my biggest worry was my missing doll That mommy or daddy could find for me I slept like this ages ago When I knew that... Continue Reading →

A few things to keep me going

This is a compilation and not my work. But these have resonated with my emotions at some point in time or the other . I've never stalled though. Some of these are absolute gems. They aren't arranged randomly. They are... Continue Reading →


The exhilaration of travel Does it lie in the journey or the destination Confined to your seat for hours and hours- layovers a welcome relief Or are they - When you sit at the empty gates - all that din... Continue Reading →

Stay, or Move on?

She cried for days Coz he left a void Though he was never there But there was a hope Of seeing him at some point in time She lived for that hope She doesn't know when she started doing that... Continue Reading →


What happens when one of you is all spent And the other is all full of life When one of you is all branches And the other is all red flowers When one of you is tired, past the prime... Continue Reading →

A Photographer

A photographer - - sees the cosmic rays when everyone thinks the sun hurts the eyes Sees the poetry in clear skies when we hope for some shade Reminds us of the beauty of harsh sun filtering through the leaves... Continue Reading →

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