You are the city

When I think of traveling to this city, let's call it "The Island", all I think of - is you. I don't know how the Island became synonymous with you. My mind cannot separate you from the Island and the... Continue Reading →


Of Romance, Love, Tenderness and Care

Sometimes, we end up saying or hearing very profound phrases and statements - 1) "Have you ever paid attention to the background score of a movie?", he asked. "Our story is just like that. We will go on with our... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Nothings – 1

An account of what our 4 year old says from time to time (whose first language isn't English, but she's near perfected the language). Me: Do you know what you mean to me? She shakes her head, "No, Mumma." Me:... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child -3- the politician

Our daughter has discovered the concept of a baby being in the mother's tummy before being born, as her pre-K teacher is expecting a baby. So a lot gets said about babies now. To her father: Papa, I wish I... Continue Reading →

Walking Away

Walking away from you was the hardest part, Coz I never did You left me standing, rooted to the spot The pain that sliced through me was worse than what I ever felt I looked at the pic of the... Continue Reading →

Of loneliness and distance

- I keep waking up to dreams of you leaving. So now, I stay awake until I know I cannot stay awake anymore. - The distance is hard. I feel hollow. I feel scared that there will be too much... Continue Reading →

Of Indian Daughters in Law

He won't eat it, you're told. Just after you cooked with all your heart. He won't take this box for lunch, you're told. Just after you pack his lunch after checking with him This is too bland "for us". You're... Continue Reading →


1) If your heart wants to sing every minute, you have found love. 2) For someone who can make you sing, can rob you of the very words that you sing. That's the depth of love. 3) If you walk... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 1

I am finishing my post graduate course in my home country while my daughter is with my husband, who has moved to the US. I cannot drop the course, as I'm more than halfway through. So I am away from... Continue Reading →

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